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The LEVIN BROTHERS debut album was recorded and mixed in Woodstock, NY at NRS Studio during the winter and spring of 2014. NRS is owned by Fugs bassist and guitarist, Scott Petito, himself a highly skilled musician, award-winning recording engineer and producer. The album was mastered at Silvertone Mastering in Saratoga Springs, NY by award-winning mastering engineer Larry DeVivo.

With 2 CD-exclusive
bonus tracks

$15 + shipping

Limited Edition (1000)
12" gold vinyl LP
signed & numbered
w. digital download card

$29.95 + shipping

BUNDLE DISCOUNT: CD, signed & numbered Limited Edition LP,
and download card

$39.95 + shipping

*  The card included with the LP is for a single digital download of 14 tracks from the CD; there are 2 other 'bonus' tracks available only on the physical CD.
January in our Catskill Mountains area, the snow keeps coming.
It didn't affect us in the studio; just made outdoor pictures a challenge.

Scott Petito at NRS Studio
did the engineering.
Scott is a great Jazz bassist
in his own right,

Jeff "Siege" Siegel

Erik Lawrence

David Spinozza

Steve Gadd

They all forgot to wear
suits and ties to the sessions!
What's up with that?

The most important piece
of gear in a recording studio,
'50s or otherwise ...
the coffee machine.

Tony, taking notes on his
1953 Mac laptop.

OK, here's where we get serious!

The mastering session
with Larry DeVivo
at Silvertone Mastering

We got the LP jackets before the vinyl itself was made.  We had a fun couple of days
signing and numbering them for a cool limited LP edition and the CD edition.
2000 all together! We bought and used every gold Sharpie in the Hudson Valley!


Hey ... why not make it gold?
Our first gold record!

Care to buy the CD, or the LP?
(Limited Edition signed & numbered
LP is still available)

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